Identify areas for improvement by assessing and benchmarking.

Conducting thorough assessments of your existing operations and practices is the first step towards identifying key opportunities that can deliver value to your business. Through assessment and benchmarking, you can gain insights and information that can maximize the performance of your equipment.


Delivering value to your business

SKF assessment and benchmarking will provide you with an independent assessment of your plant’s reliability and asset management programme. The goal of this analysis is to help you compare your current asset management practices with global best practices as well as the average practices in your industry. This comparison can enable you to identify specific areas in which you can improve the reliability and availability of your assets and reduce your operating costs. 

KPIs: measuring maintenance performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can motivate maintenance teams and reveal many opportunities to improve processes. But that only happens when they’re properly conceived and applied.

There are five common mistakes companies make when setting up their KPIs:

  • Selecting a single KPI to monitor
  • Not connecting KPIs to larger business goals
  • Not knowing what “good” looks like
  • Choosing KPIs that are too hard to measure
  • Not making it part of a living program

With the help of SKF, you can ensure your KPIs meet their full potential and satisfy the needs of your business.

The path to stronger asset management

For any business, successful asset management is critical to driving high performance, maintaining efficiency and staying competitive. This eBook outlines the key considerations for effective deployment, across KPIs, finance, loss reconciliation and more.

Assessment and benchmarking: get the inside track in your business

Conducted with key members of your organization and a team of SKF professionals, the Client Needs Analysis provides a progressive, structured approach to assessment. A "spider chart" illustrates a micro-level assessment and helps you gain a unique perspective on your reliability programme, as well as providing you with recommendations for further action.

This benchmarking exercise will help you to increase:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Plant profitability
  • Competitiveness
  • Plant safety
  • Maintenance programme efficiency

Read more about the benchmarking best practices available to you.


Get more information on benchmarking with SKF

Request an informal contact from an SKF expert on our range of assessment and benchmarking services, and how we can help deliver more value from your machinery.

Explore Rotating Equipment Performance further.

There are four more areas where SKF can help you maximize savings and improvements. With different service levels to choose from, you can retain a product-based purchasing approach or evolve to a performance-based one. Either choice can give you access to the latest connected technologies and services without the need for large capital investment.


Take a proactive approach with connected technologies, data analysis and visualization, and remote access to SKF expertise. With these key enablers, you can gain powerful insights into your rotating performance.


Explore a range of products and services that are not only perfectly suited to your machinery, but that also help you keep pace with technology and comply with environmental and safety requirements.


Through management of spare parts and lubrication, root cause analysis and application engineering, you can resolve problems and minimize the chances of them re-occurring.


By utilizing a full suite of remanufacturing options, you can rebuild key components in a way that cuts maintenance costs, improves ongoing reliability, maximizes uptime and reduces environment impact.