Fast, simple machine
health monitoring

Smarter maintenance starts with robust data – the more the better - but if that sounds complicated to you, it doesn’t have to be.

The SKF QuickCollect sensor makes machine data collection simpler and more cost-effective. This easy-to-use, handheld, portable vibration and temperature sensor is combined with mobile apps that reduce the complexity of data collection and analysis so that you can detect machine issues before they cause failures and impact on your business.

SKF QuickCollect app

Get started straight away with the QuickCollect app. It's easy to use - simply download the app and pair with your sensor to get on-the-spot indications of machine health.

SKF ProCollect app

Upgrade to ProCollect and enhance your maintenance program. Empower your operations team, create, schedule and execute manual inspection, lubrication routes, gain deeper insights into your machinery, save and share data to the cloud, gain access to easy-to-understand dashboards, and connect to SKF expertise whenever you need it. All for a fixed fee, reducing the need for significant start-up investment.

Find out more about each solution below.

SKF QuickCollect Enlight ProCollect

Which solution is right for me?

With a choice of getting started with SKF QuickCollect or upgrading to an SKF Enlight ProCollect solution, you can get the right levels of insights
and analysis for your needs, in a way that makes sense for your wider business.

SKF QuickCollect

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Identify machine problems

Get on-the-spot indications of machine problems and severity, allowing you to prepare corrective actions and avoid unplanned downtime.

Get started

Get started fast

The simple QuickCollect app is built with a user-friendly interface, so along with a handheld sensor that requires minimal training to use, you can start seeing benefits straight away.

Easy to use

Easy to use

A combination of handheld sensor and app with clear indications for on-the-spot, easy-to-understand automated diagnostics. 

Free to use

Free to use

The QuickCollect app is free to download for iOS and Android, so alongside the cost-effective sensor, you can easily fund it from operational expenditure whatever the size of your business.

SKF Enlight ProCollect

Deeper insights

Go deeper with your insights

Easily manage your lubrication and data collection routes, collect more data, share data, and get deeper insights into your machine health to enhance your maintenance program.


Digitalize your lubrication activities

Create lubrication routes, define the proper lubricant, amount, location and intervals. Inform lubrication technicians when routes are due, and guide them through their activities with a step-by-step approach.

Get information

Get information anywhere

Connect to SKF Enlight Centre to view dashboards and share insights, and harness the full power of detailed analytics wherever you are.

Leverage the cloud

Leverage the power of cloud

Upload all your data to the cloud-based SKF Enlight Centre and manage your available resources, ensure maximum effectiveness and drive a predictive maintenance programme.

Remote expertise

Remote expertise 

Connect directly to SKF Remote Diagnostic Services, giving your team access to SKF’s expert machine vibration analysts.

Financing that works

Financing that works for you

ProCollect is available on a flexible monthly business programme, removing any hidden capital expenditure, and can be integrated with other services and components with SKF Rotation For Life.

A short video explainer on the benefits of our SKF QuickCollect sensor and app


Watch the video overview of our extended  
SKF Enlight ProCollect cloud solution


Review the technical specifications of the SKF QuickCollect sensor
in this handy datasheet.

SKF QuickCollect Team

Would you like to know more?

The SKF team are on hand to answer any queries you may have, and to help you assess how QuickCollect sensors can aid your specific maintenance needs. Contact your local SKF sales representative to discuss your interest.

Predictive Maintenance

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