SKF SimPro Quick

SKF SimPro Quick is single-shaft bearing simulation software, developed for users to quickly evaluate the design of bearing arrangements and their field performance, based on relevant application requirements and conditions.

SKF SimPro Quick: Suitable for many industries

The user-friendliness and accessibility of the software makes it a valuable tool for engineers in a variety of roles and situations:

design engineers

Design Engineers

SKF SimPro Quick can provide you with more SKF engineering
knowledge and autonomy, so you can accelerate your design process and optimize your choice of bearings.

engineering students

Engineering Students

For students, SKF SimPro Quick is a useful and accessible
platform for honing advanced bearing development skills
in an industry-relevant environment.

Watch our latest webinar for an exclusive guide to getting the most from your bearing design activities, from two experts with over 27 years of combined SKF insight.

Discover increased options and versatility, allowing for more detailed analysis and assurance that SimPro Quick can meet your needs.

SKF SimPro Quick at a glance

As an engineer, you’ll know how critical bearing arrangements can be for machine performance, especially with the increasing variety of application conditions. You also need effective evaluations of bearing performance without compromising on time and flexibility, so that you can choose the best possible arrangements for your machine design.

SKF SimPro Quick does just that, empowering design engineers with our engineering knowledge developed through more than a century of experience with bearings, seals and lubrication. This short video explains how SKF SimPro Quick makes bearing development more efficient and effective than ever before.


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quick features single-shaft bearing simulation

SKF SimPro Quick features

  • Intuitive stepwise graphical interface
  • Improved guidance, warning system, 3D visualization and animation
  • Single-shaft simulation with multiple bearings and comprehensive modelling capabilities, including multiple gear types, lubricants, springs, spacers, housing and operating conditions
  • Full range of SKF bearings available, using product data from SKF rolling bearing catalogue
  • Intuitive bearing selection wizard
  • Various analysis and output options for bearing arrangement performance evaluation
  • Calculation of bearing load, loaded zone, contact stress, bearing life, friction, frequencies, grease re-lubrication interval, grease life and shaft deflection
  • Calculation of basic rating life, SKF rating life and modified reference rating life according to ISO/TS 16281:2008

Latest Features:

  • Users can import IGS files they’ve built, so that their specific shaft can easily be loaded into SimPro to explore new bearing settings, instead of creating a shaft manually
  • Instead of applying different separate housings to bearings, users can now apply a single bearing across the entire shaft and vary its dimensions as necessary. The length, diameter, bore, type, and material can all be varied across different sections
  • New shaft stress modelling, covering bending moment, bending stress, shaft stress combined, and shear force
  • New chart for ISO/TS 16281:2008 modified reference rating life vs axial pre-displacement – calculating how long it will last with different levels of preload
  • Updated reporting templates, with additional warnings generated that flag up any parameters that may be breached when the bearing is in operation
  • Outer ring rotation can be added to a model in seconds
SimPro Quick Benefits
SimPro Quick Benefits

SKF SimPro Quick Benefits

Increase the speed and flexibility in your machine design cycle:

  • Directly tap into SKF’s engineering knowledge and detailed product performance data
  • Use the same tool as our application engineers for faster and easier interaction and support
  • Run SimPro Quick on your local PC, meaning no need to upload your confidential new design model data to SKF
  • Do more design iterations faster, before your design freeze
  • Generate detailed design verification reports in one click
  • Enjoy a strong multi-level support set-up

Get a comprehensive evaluation of SKF bearing arrangement performance based on:

  • An intuitive step-by-step modelling interface
  • Detailed application requirements and operating conditions being considered
  • A choice of standard and advanced life models

Get started with SKF SimPro Quick today!

application modelling

Application modelling
The intuitive interface makes it easy to accurately model applications with shafts, bearings, housings, gears, lubricants and more.

analysis variations

Analysis variations
Different operating conditions, such as speed, load, lubrications and fits of shaft, can be added, including load and speed as a combined cycle.


Quickly get automatically generated reports, based on your chosen output parameters, available in a variety of formats.

graphical results

Graphical results
Output information across measurables can be displayed in a range of graphic charts and in a 3D model.

Try SKF SimPro Quick for yourself

See how SKF SimPro Quick can transform your bearing development. 

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