SKF Agri Hubs

Reliable productivity

What if you can reduce downtime by using a more

sustainable technology? Imagine if productivity can

be increased by easier installation and replacement

of components. It’s all about the design of equipment

that can make a difference.

Reliable season-long performance

Whether designing agricultural equipment or using it to farm, high availability of machinery is crucial to meet productivity requirements.

Using SKF Agri Hub as a solution can make it possible. The service life of SKF Agri Hub can be up to three times longer than a traditional bearing due to:

  • An integrated flange and unique sealing
  • A sealed, greased hub solution that is virtually maintenance free

The environmental impact can be significantly reduced:

  • By lowering lubricant consumption
  • Since it is easier to manufacture and causes less waste

Save time and increase productivity by:

  • Using a preassembled unit, which makes it easier to install
  • Less logistical efforts

Whether you work on a big or small farm, you are looking for consistent performance and durability, striking the balance between performance and bearing protection. You can rely on the new SKF Agri Hubs for tillage, to help you achieve this target.

Built to last >

High stiffness levels can minimise disc tilt and maximise machine reliability even further


< Reliable quality

Sealed and pre-lubricated hubs can virtually eliminate maintenance

build to last

Reducing total cost and maximising reliable up-time in the farming industry is of the utmost importance. SKF Agri Hub can ensure continuous production with ease of mind and this is very comforting.

Petrus Roux, Kromvlei Farm, South Africa

Why SKF Agri Hub?

Benefit from an easy fit hub solution. Your tillage equipment productivity can be increased by 150%, while your cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 30%.



Agri Hub T200: reliability for large farms

By combining larger components and a unique dual sealing system, the T200 has a designed life cycle of up to 200 000 hectares so is a good option for large, intensive farming operations where constant uptime is vital.


Agri Hub T50: versatility for small farms


The SKF Agri Hub T50 is designed for a service life of 50 000 hectares, a good choice for farmers needing a hub for occasional or lighter-duty tillage, or for farms with a smaller tilling requirement.

Benefit from an easy fit hub solution. Your tillage equipment productivity can be increased by 150%, while your cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 30%.

SKF Agri hub brochure

Integrated solutions fit for the demands of modern farming

In a world where farmers face difficult conditions in the field, every innovation that can increase productivity and reduce costs is valuable.

In this brochure, you can take a more detailed look at the technology behind SKF Agri Hubs and associated products that can maximize uptime for every type of farm.

SKF agricultural solutions

Every new generation farmer wants to do better than the one before. Watch the story of how SKF is working and helping companies in the agriculture industry.

Q&A with SKF Agri Hub Project Manager

An insightful Q&A with Davide Landini on what inspired the new generation development for T50 and T200 and the role of customer feedback in improving our products.