Leverage our technologies and expertise to solve problems.

Solve your specific application problems and stop them re-occurring by identifying and fixing root causes. With the connected technologies and rich expertise of SKF, you can access insights from anywhere, better interpret analytics, improve lubrication and spares management (MRO) and move towards a performance-based approach to purchasing reliability and availability.

SKF Product and Services Solutions

Solutions that work long-term

With the right products and services in place, solving equipment and machinery problems should follow logical steps and be relatively straightforward. However, just applying a fix doesn’t necessarily get the job done in a way that benefits your business.

It’s critically important to apply the right solution in the right way so that the problem doesn’t re-emerge in the future. SKF’s processes and procedures are built with this in mind, ensuring that the fixes of today last through tomorrow and beyond.

Root Cause Analysis

A key part of ensuring that machine failures don’t keep re-occurring after they’ve been fixed, SKF Root Cause Analysis (RCA) processes look at three key types of common failure:

  • Physical or technical
  • Human errors of omission or correction
  • Organizational systems, operating procedures and decision-making

Then, based on the report that our assessment generates, you can take action against the true cause of the problem and maximize future reliability. RCA is the essential driver for continuous improvement.

Proactive Reliability Maintenance and Integrated Maintenance Solutions

RCA is part of SKFs Proactive Reliability Maintenance and Integrated Maintenance Solutions contracts. 


Making the most of your spares

SKF’s Spares Inventory Management and Optimization process (SIMO) balances parts demand and supply. Through identification, forecasting and optimization of inventory, you can minimize the amount of stock you hold, but at the same time meet all your spares needs.

SKF Internet of Things

SKF Rotating Equipment Performance connecting across your needs:

The Internet of Things: bringing machinery and detection together

The scale of the transformation that the Internet of Things is generating within maintenance makes it a critical consideration for anyone working with rotating equipment. 

By 2025, equipment downtime is expected to be halved thanks to IoT-based predictive maintenance, and revenues from real-time IoT activity monitoring are set to double to US$30billion. Can you afford to be left behind?


Purchase reliability and availability as a service

SKF Rotation For Life is a long-term performance-based contract which combines bearing technology, failure detectability and reliability services into an integrated package. Watch the video to discover how you can maximise your rotating equipment performance for a fixed monthly cost.

SKF Lubrication Management

Lubrication is an often-overlooked but important part of maintenance in many facilities. Without effective management of lubrication in machinery, businesses can quickly feel the impacts of downtime, greater expense in parts and human resource, and greater energy consumption.

SKF’s five-step Lubrication Management programme helps avoid these costly consequences, thanks to:

  1. Client Needs Analysis
  2. Lubrication Audit
  3. Improvement proposals
  4. Design and implementation
  5. Optimization

That way, you ensure the right lubricant is used in the right machines at the right times, keeping your business running smoothly.

Explore Rotating Equipment Performance further.

There are four more areas where SKF can help you maximize savings and improvements. With different service levels to choose from, you can retain a product-based purchasing approach or evolve to a performance-based one. Either choice can give you access to the latest connected technologies and services without the need for large capital investment.


Through detailed analysis of your machinery, asset management and processes, we can help minimize unscheduled breakdowns, maximize the effectiveness of your equipment, boost your profitability and improve safety.


Take a proactive approach with connected technologies, data analysis and visualization, and remote access to SKF expertise. With these key enablers, you can gain powerful insights into your rotating performance.


Explore a range of products and services that are not only perfectly suited to your machinery, but that also help you keep pace with technology and comply with environmental and safety requirements.


By utilizing a full suite of remanufacturing options, you can rebuild key components in a way that cuts maintenance costs, improves ongoing reliability, maximizes uptime and reduces environment impact.